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Young Guns of India, in partnership with NEETshit, aims to help, develop and nurture out each and every individual, especially school students, to follow their passion over the Industry's best profile, by training and building the respective to give their best by organizing Workshops for the skill development. Be it the development for the hero in front of the camera or even the one behind it or be it the one who made everyone look heroic.

During the entire workshop period, the individuals are enriched with collective skill sets so that he/she gets the proper exposure over the industrial leads and is educated over all what's out there. Following the entire workshop, the individual finds his/her passion, thus, creating the respective identity.

If you are looking to start your career over the Digital Age or want to be in front of the mass audience to showcase your skills and/or talents, then our workshops are the ones that you are looking for. We offer an entire range of courses to help you find your passion and showcase it to your respective audience.

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Our Principles



Lights are more of an oxygen to the entire process and provide a good depth to the entire scene. Perfect lighting helps adding the assets to the scene, be it a dim lit scene or a scene shot under bright sun.



Camera, the only asset which helps you to see what you really want to see. Everyone owns a camera these days, thanks to the world of Mobility, but how well do we know to use it to achieve the perfect shot is what matters.



The term Action is an outcome of collectives. It combines assets from different fields, starting from writing the story, creating the screenplay, acting, directing to handling the camera and editing it finally, into a single film. 

Our Primary Targets



The base part of the entire story telling is the Acting. It's one of the most difficult roles and goals to achieve. It's the actor who lives the character, puts literal life into it and helps upbringing the entire film. Acting is basically the visual way to tell a story and collective acting, results in a film.



Direction is one of the important aspect of the entire project. It's the director, who alongside others get into the depths of the story to be able to tell and explain it to others, specially actors and get the desired output.



Even, Pappu can dance Saala!

Dancing is one of the aspects to showcase the emotional and recreational part of the scene. Be it a joyous occasion or even showcasing your talent to the entire world!



Camera and Lights are the most crucial and technical part of the entire project. If you are passionate over the field such as Focus, Aperture, Focal Length, Gimbals, Light, Depth of the Scene, Motors, then you are perfect to be called as the DOP.



It is the final stage of the entire project. Till this point each and every aspect of the film, starting from very Story Creation till the Acting, is completed. The project, now, goes to the editing team, who helps to fix the entire shot and thus renders the film.



Be it music produced and composed via Instruments or digital medium, Music is the most crucial part that serves the entire industry. 

May-June '18 - Workshop Details

After Successful completion of workshop, students will be provided with crash-course diploma in the respective field.

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