All Friends Studio

All Friends Studio, initially was visioned to start as a SAAS based Animation Production House. The company, then, was known as All Friends Animation Studio. And as the confidence, abilities, skills and passion grew aggressively, the parent added a whole lineup of startups under the re-branding, All Friends Studio, heading towards SAAS and PAAS. 

Thus started the All Friends Studio success story! 

Initially starting off with expertise in Animation and Graphic Design, joining over 60+ clients within a span of 6 months from India, USA and Australia. All Friends Studio now aims to go big by putting it's legs over the Music, Gaming and Artificial Intelligence ventures as well. 

All Friends Studio aims to deliver out the respective solutions in the fields of Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, VFX, Music Production, Gaming and Robotics. 

Our ventures for the industry lead by the very names under : 

"All Friends Animation Studio", "Geek's Hood", Duo Inverso", "Iconic Bots", "GooGoo"

Our Initiatives

Young Guns of India

An Initiative to help each and every person, especially school students, to follow their passion over the Industry's best profile basis theater workshops.

Young Guns of India, aims to train and build individuals to give their best, when it comes to the respective passion. Following the entire line-up, we offer a collective workshop for Story Creation, Content Writing, Directing, Camera Handling, Acting, Personality Development, Street Play, Stage Play, Stage Fear, Editing, etc.

Our Ventures

All Friends Studio


AFAnimation Studio

AFAS sets it's aim at 2D, 3D and VFX based Film Production.

GooGoo Games

Setting itself in an arbitrary environment, the latest addition in our line-up, is launching it's second game, coming really soon! 


Music is our life. Music is our Passion. Music is in our Blood.

Iconic Bots

Deriving our own product using Artificial Intelligence, Iconic Bots is developing "Uchai" to lead out the Logistics and Delivery Systems, along side in Agricultural Lands.

Geek's Hood

A Passion and Lust for Technology aimed to derive out the best and most efficient solutions in Web and Mobile. 

Our Products

AF Engine

Our very own in-the-house driven 3D Rendering Engine, which has taken and will take a whole lot more to be one of the most Resource Efficient Rendering Solution in the Market.


Product by "IconicBots", currently in development is basically a hovering machine or a so called drone laying it's ground in Logistics and Delivery Systems and in Agricultural Fields as well.

Play the Ball

Our very first game, being developed by "GooGoo", is live now! 

Download here :

Project - Finding Adam

Our first Animated series, currently being titled as "Finding Adam", takes a dive in the  Protagonist's life and thrills over what was it that made him to actually "Break" the "Prison".

Our Technology Partners



Blender 3D



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All Friends Studio

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